Engineered for Performance

Triad speakers are voiced to deliver seamless acoustic performance across the whole line, whether the speaker is in-ceiling, on-wall, or in-room. Triad speakers provide superior configuration options and flexibility to add exceptional sound to any space in every project, including new construction, retrofit, outdoor, and invisible.

For customers who demand superior audio performance, Triad delivers. At Triad, every speaker is engineered using the finest materials and components to deliver an exceptional audio experience, from superior drivers to sealed wood enclosures for precise sound reproduction and isolation.

Multiple Options

Triad delivers an immersive entertainment experience with exceptional sound quality for any home theater or media room. Triad is a pioneer in surround sound innovation with superior solutions for Dolby Atmos, DTS:X and Auro 3D. Triad’s engineered sealed-box designs deliver precise sound reproduction and isolation. Take advantage of decades of expertise and have our Design Services team specify the perfect system for your space

Soundbars & speaker design

Triad’s handcrafted soundbars pair beautifully with any TV, providing superior sound quality over the television’s factory speakers. Perfect for media rooms, family rooms and bedrooms. Triad soundbars elevate the TV experience. High level of customisation’s, include, soundbars built-to-order, up to 82” long, with custom paint matching and real-wood veneers, creating soundbars that are perfectly matched with walls, existing custom woodwork and other room decor.
Triad amplifier and speaker combinations are designed to deliver great sound in every outdoor space, from a small patio to a large home estate or business outdoor area.

Our Ultra-Wide sound Dispersion drivers ensure even sound coverage without loud hot spots, all while using fewer speakers. Enjoy your favourite music while entertaining guests or customers, even keep an ear on the game while BBQ’ing. Complete your outdoor space with rich, beautiful audio from Triad.