Electronic Keying & Mechanical Keying

At Arotech Security we can supply the latest in security, wireless door handles padlocks and stand alone swipe card systems. All offer the secure entry without a key. Many systems such as the Salto swipe card system offer a swipe card system without wires!

Giving you the flexibility to move your handles when refurbishing your building and creating access control on existing sites without the expensive cost of installing wires and electric strikers. 

Our stand alone swipe card systems, offer an alternative to a full wired access control system. These offer the stand alone requirements with off line audit functions. Giving you the history of access to your site. Without the need of complex servers and IT integration.

Complex keying with electronic security systems, offer you the highest control and the ability to a remove a user with one click of a button. Many sites have taken advantage of electronic keying, including councils, schools and airports. Understanding the physical need for a key but the flexibility of a swipe card system, is not the leading boom in the security industry.

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