Theatre & Audio

We can provide detailed audio and theatre designs. Custom made Dolby Atmos solutions using certified Dolby engineers and designs, we deal directly with Triad Audio to provide you with crystal clear ultra high definition audio.

From customised theatre seating (Made and designed locally in Victoria). We can provide a unique experience with you to turn a room or area around from one that you would use occasionally turn to be used daily. Creating an immersive and enjoyable environment from seating, to control of the zone or in general, “overall operation” of the area or room will change the way you use everything!

We offer entry audio installations from one room Sonos systems off your TV, to complex Triad, multi zoned audio for every room in your home (even outside). We can provide a simple audio solution to provide you that extra sub woofer hit for your favourite movie to feel immersed in the show. 

If you prefer a more of the aesthetic and hidden audio approach with concealed speakers we can supply this too. Without loss of sound quality!

We are able to custom veneers for your speakers to suit almost any type of wood and timber, (sample given and time permitting). The expert Triad fabricating and wood workers , are able source and provide a near matching finish to meet any style or design concept and idea. 


The design process and understanding of a client can be quite complex. It is easy to get overwhelmed with the requirements and works required.

It is part of this unique experience that sets your home, or business to be truly designed and customised by you. We strive to take you through every step of the way (if required). This will ensure you understand what is being installed, from cables to seating.

Trust us to understand your requirements and know that we can provide you with the best that the industry has to offer. We will work with your architect and/or designer to get the level of finish you require.