Your complete alarm supplier, we stock and recommend Paradox alarms. Established in 1989 and 80% of their items are still made in Canada and shipped and sold throughout the world. Their systems offer a complete wired and wireless option, and of course they can be mixed. Have you ever wanted a remote that will open your roller door and turn of your alarm, perhaps you would like to increase your security on site and have the external yard or warehouse / farm monitored.

We service all major brands such as Bosch, Hills, Honeywell, DSC just to name a few. Don’t forget if you are going large or have multiple sites, a commercial system is best! Check out our swipe card / access control page for more information.

Call an expert today, we can provide you an on site full security survey for free!

Detectors for all the right reasons! It may seem funny, but not to long ago, there were only a few standard alarm detectors out. Today there is almost an endless amount, not all are good some are average with ongoing call out and problems, we have tried nearly all.. We have found the right supplier with a range that is almost unique to their identity in the industry, leading edge.

Paradox offers the highest Pet resistant detector available at 40KG mass resistance, which allows you to keep your animals inside your home without the alarm going off. They have an excellent external water proof detector that also offers the same 40KG mass resistance and ensures can now have inside and outside protection at your home, business or warehouse which is now more cost effective than ever. 

Remote app access

Many of our clients now wish to have their alarms call directly to your mobile, but most clients have one problem.

What is going on at my home or business when my alarm calls my mobile phone?

A simple new solution Paradox has released, is the remote app. We simply install the device into your alarm and you can connect via Paradox’s secure to an Android and iPhone app. This allows live tracking and ability to arm/disarm of your alarm system. If you have access to a web browser, log directly on to your alarm system and receive history and past events. 

Best of all its free, your remote app after initial installation does not cost any ongoing fees, simply use your internet at your home to access the system and review, so feel safe knowing if your alarm rings your mobile you can now check what areas are going off and know if an intruder has entered your home or perhaps the window was left open! 

Did you know all commercial swipe card systems, access control systems have a full alarm system integrated into this system. Arotech Security sells and recommend Tecom, Innerange and ICT, each has their own unique system and abilities. To discuss which system is right for you, call Aron today (03) 8658 4086