Scalable Architecture 2-8 doors
TCP/IP Communications
Individual Intelligence
512K RAM / 512K Flash ROM
260+ Card and Keypad Formats
CAC/FIPS/TWIC Card Compatibility
Real Time Processing and Communications
UL 294 / UL 1076

Brand: Misc CCTV Code: DSX1048PKG
APN: 9319499200343 | Supplier Code: DSX-1048PKG
Supplier Description: Intelligent 8 Door Package



Processor AM186 20Mhz
RAM/ROM Memory Flash ROM 512K
Standard RAM 512K
Communication Ports DSX-1042
RS-232 In 1 Master to PC
RS-232 Out 1 Panel to DSX-1040CDM
RS-232 In 1 Master to DSX-1040CDM
RS-232 Out 1 Slave Communications
RS-485 In 1 From previous DSX-1048 Package
RS-485 Out 1 To subsequent DSX-1048 Packages
Power Requirements DSX-1042 13.5 VDC @ 300ma from 1040CDM
DSX-1040CDM 13.5 VDC @ 150ma from 1040PDP
Total Maximum Current 13.5 VDC @ 6.0A
 Output Voltage Panel outputs provide a regulated, fused, DC voltage.
DSX-1042 9-13.5VDC – 12VDC nominal – 1A Fused
DSX-1040CDM 9-13.5VDC-12VDC nominal-1.5A Fused
DSX-1040CDM 5VDC – .5A Fused
All Outputs are Class 2, Power Limited
Inputs EOL Supervised 32
16 Inputs are used for standard point monitoring.
16 Inputs are used for door position and exit request monitoring.
All Inputs support two, three, and four state monitoring with five programmable circuit types.
Outputs Form C Relays 8
Relay Output Ratings 5 AMP – 30VDC
Open Collector Outputs 8 – negative 100ma
LED Outputs 24 – 3 per reader port – negative 100ma
Pre-Alarm Outputs 8 – 1 per door – negative 100ma
Access Controlled Entry Points Card Reader or Keypad 8
Card and Reader Formats 260+ including CAC/FIPS/TWIC Any combination of card readers,
keypads, or card and keypad-controlled entry points may be used.
Equipment Size DSX-1040CDM 11″ W x 4.5″ H x 1.5″ D
DSX-1042 11″ W x 4.5″ H x 1.5″ D
Equipment Weight DSX-1040CDM 1.0 lb.
DSX-1042 1.2 lb. each
Enclosure Type Nema Type 1 equivalent enclosure with lift-off hinged door, lock/key, and tamper switch.
Enclosure Size DSX-1040E Cabinet 15.5″ W x 22.5″ H x 6″ D
Enclosure Weight DSX-1040E Cabinet 19.2 lb
Finish Black Powder Coat with White Silkscreen on Enclosure and Black Enamel on DSX-1042.
Conduit Knockouts Concentric knockouts in Top, Bottom, and Sides.
Knockouts accommodate 1/2, 3/4, 1, 1 1/2-inch conduit.
Temperature Operating 32 to 131 F
Storage -35 to 150 F
Humidity Operating 0 to 95%, relative
Warranty Limited 2 Years