Scalable Architecture 2 – 8 doors
TCP/IP Communications
Individual Intelligence
260+ Card and Keypad Formats
UL294 / UL1076
FIPS/TWIC Card Compatibility
Real Time Processing and Communications
512K RAM / 512K Flash ROM

Brand: Misc CCTV
Code: DSX-1042
APN: 9319499200381 | Supplier Code: DSX-1042
Supplier Description: 2-Dr I/OContro (upto4per1040E)



Processor AM186 20Mhz
RAM/ROM Memory Flash ROM 512K
Standard RAM 512K
Communication Ports DSX-1042
RS-232 In 1 Master to PC
RS-232 Out 1 Panel to DSX-1040CDM
Power Requirements DSX-1042 13.5 VDC @ 300ma from 1040CDM
 Output Voltage Panel outputs provide a regulated, fused, DC voltage.
DSX-1042 9-13.5VDC – 12VDC nominal – 1A Fused
All Outputs are Class 2, Power Limited
Inputs EOL Supervised 8
4 Inputs are used for standard point monitoring.
4 Inputs are used for door position and exit request monitoring.
All Inputs support two, three, and four state monitoring with five programmable circuit types.
Outputs Form C Relays 2
Relay Output Ratings 5 AMP – 30VDC
Open Collector Outputs 2 – negative 100ma
LED Outputs 6 – 3 per reader port – negative 100ma
Pre-Alarm Outputs 2 – 1 per door – negative 100ma
Access Controlled Entry Points Card Reader or Keypad 2 expandable to 8
Card and Reader Formats 260+ including CAC, PIV and TWIC Cards
Any combination of card readers,keypads, or card and keypad-controlled entry points may be used.
Equipment Size DSX-1042 11″ W x 4.5″ H x 1.5″ D
Equipment Weight DSX-1042 1.2 lb. each
Finish Black Enamel with White Silkscreen
Temperature Operating 32 to 131 F
Storage -35 to 150 F
Humidity Operating 0 to 95%, relative
Warranty Limited 2 Years